Starling Bank Account Open

Woo Hoo, our Starling Bank Account is open.

We’re official! (Well, one more bit official than being registered with companies house) – it took us long enough but we now have an actual bona-fide corporate bank account that we can now start using for the forces of good – helping clients with their surplus inventory and helping people find products.

We chose to partner with Starling Bank due to their sustainable mindset and of course their market leading technology.

We think they’re a great fit for our philosophy and what we’re trying to achieve – also, their brand tone of voice makes us smile!
As you can see from the image above, the debit card they sent arrived in a gift card type effort – we have to admit, we added the kisses at the end of the text – well, it seemed appropriate!

Now we just need to make our first sale to see if the Starling Bank Account works OK… it seems the two month wait for the account to be opened may have been the easy bit.

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