Privacy Policy

Your privacy is vital, so is the ability to understand our data, privacy & GDPR doings.
As a result, we’ve written this ourselves and not used legal boffins to create it.

Our understanding of data and privacy is that it’s very much like Chocolate. 
Once given away, you can’t really ask for it back.  (Well, you can… but you’d need to check really carefully that what you were given back is everything that you gave away in the first place).

We absolutely understand that privacy is a massively important issue and that you care about how your personal data is collected, stored and used. 
For the record, so do we, therefore, our data collection policy is very simple.

We only collect and retain the data absolutely necessary to the delivery of our service.  That’s it. That’s all she wrote.

We categorise this “necessary data” as your name, address, contact details, order history and any specific instructions you give us a like alternative delivery addresses and “safe places” for parcel deliveries.

For clarity, we can categorically confirm we have no desire to retain the name of your first school, your first pet, your favourite teacher, the street you grew up on or who your favourite film star is.

We often use third party applications like Google Analytics and Facebook to collect and analyse standard website and internet log information – this only allows us to monitor and analyse visitor behaviour and patterns.  It allows us to find out how many visitors we’ve had (which dictates the mood in the office)  – so we can make our website and the experience of using our website better for everyone.

For example, if there is a section that no-one ever visits (like the privacy policy… maybe?) we can remove it from the site to speed up load times and reduce unnecessary clutter.  This log information doesn’t identify anyone, nor do we give Google or Facebook the data you’ve trusted us with.

Just like with the example of Google and Facebook above, under no circumstances will we ever share or sell your data with any third parties that aren’t involved in providing our service. Not even our own partners.  (Of course, couriers will get your delivery details to enable them to deliver your order, but that’s it, nothing else.)

We aren’t a personal data company, we have absolutely no interest in it.
We deal with data as a regrettable necessity (like almost re-mortgaging every year just to buy school uniforms for the kids) and as a result we have no desire to trade or sell your information to anyone. Ever.

We’ll never store or keep any payment information you use on our site. It’s all securely dealt with by our payment providers and if you ever want us to remove the personal info you’ve given us in the process of a transaction, you only need to ask.
Simply contact us at with your instructions.

Who we are:
Inventory Heroes is a UK registered limited company in Northern Ireland.

Company Reg No: NI674948
VAT No: 366 2233 04
Address: 1 Lanyon Quay | Belfast | BT1 3LG.

Inventory Heroes was originally founded by John Davies and you can contact him directly (with good news only) at or his virtual bullet proof vest (co-founder) Michael Halliday can be contacted with all bad news at

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