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Redefining the management of heritage inventory

Let’s be controversial… 
Even though there’s several names for it, it’s our belief that heritage or excess inventory is the skeleton in the cupboard that no-one wants to discuss. 
We also believe almost every inventory based business at some point experiences the issue of excess inventory – and the pain it brings.  (Check out some other names for it here…)

It’s also our belief that since time began villains have been born, heroes have been crowned, and if you’re an inventory based business – the battle for space in your warehouse between different departments (purchasing, merchandising, demand planning, production, logistics and sales etc) is probably no different. 

Until now. 

Now you can work with a partner who’ll help you:  

  • Maximise your return on all categories of heritage / excess inventory 
  • Instantly reclaim & redeploy your valuable warehouse space 
  • Protect your established supply chain 
  • Protect your brand 
  • Turbo-charge your corporate social responsibility
    • Recycling through sales.
    • In-kind / charity donations processed
  • Maximise / extend product life-cycle
  • Laugh 

This way everyone sleeps better at night. 

Back in 1984 (the year, not the novel… and… yes, we begrudgingly remember it) Bonnie Tyler sang about “Holding Out for a Hero” and we bet even she didn’t know she was talking about the excess stock industry! 

It’s obvious to us that she was, we’ve convinced ourselves of it and the fact that we cracked this 37 year old code demands we claim the title of that Hero (in case you didn’t see where we were going with that). 

Intrigued? Why not give us a try… you’ve nothing to lose & everything to gain (that sounds like a song title too) and if you’re not convinced, contact us to discuss a free trial with absolutely no obligation to commit afterwards.


Kelly the Surplus Inventory Skeleton in the cupboard

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*(OK, maybe not our daily “fashion” decisions)

Our Values

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