the Product Life Cycle

Everything has a Life cycle

It’s an undeniable fact that everything has a life cycle, a finite period of maximum desirability & utility.   
A beginning, a peak and an end along with all the exciting bits in-between. 

For example: 

  • Products
  • Humans 
  • Animals 
  • Plants 
  • Events 
  • Diets (Yes, in our experience… some life cycles are incredibly short). 

However, in some industries, this process is embraced, exploited and even encouraged, for obvious reasons. 

Take Technology & Moore’s law, for example.  

Computers, mobile or cell phones… the speed of development is just incredible.  But not everyone needs or even wants the latest model . 

At Inventory Heroes we work with your “End of Life” strategy and extend your product life-cycle beyond it’s natural end point.  We find and deliver value without damaging your brand. 

We bring you non-core customers from non-core markets to extend your revenue generation from end-of-life products. 

Contact us to find out more about this service (but not about diets, obviously). 

"Creating Value For All"

We appreciate this may seem like a lofty and aspirational mission but these six words inform, guide and influence everything we do.
They are the guiding principal of every decision we make* and how we run our company.

*(OK, maybe not our daily “fashion” decisions)

Our Values

Humanity: We'll donate at least 10% of our profit to charity. At least.


We’ll donate 10% of our annual profit to charity. Forever.

Integrity - We treat everyone with respect. We act with humility. We live it.


We treat absolutely everyone with respect. We act with humility.

Conservation: We're passionate about it. It's not all about money.


We love planet Earth and all the wonderful things we share it with.

Fun: We insist on it! Every day is very long without it. The same goes for biscuits.


We want absolutely everyone to enjoy interacting with us. Always.

Cookes. A necessary evil, just like biscuits and tea.

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