Our Story & Who we are

"I know, let's start a business..."
Just half an adult human later... BOOM!

Despite Inventory Heroes originally being the brainchild of John Davies (just getting that in at the start… before we go any further)… we’re two Dads who met in the school playground when dropping our toddlers off at nursery 9 years ago (at the time of writing)…  

Being the impulsive, proactive, dynamic and go-getting guys we are… just 9 short years after meeting each other for the first time (or the same amount of time it takes to grow half an adult human) we started Inventory Heroes to help pay for these things we now find ourselves responsible for… yes… “Teenagers”.

Wow, these adolescent humans require constant food (due to the constant growth), clothing (due to the constant growth) and entertainment (due to the constant…er…moods)…

Helping companies to ethically, securely and profitably shift their surplus stock became our 9 year overnight goal because we regularly witnessed in our “day-jobs” the amount of waste, inefficiency and impact that this category of inventory has on… well, everyone.  We’ll donate at least 10% of our profits to charity. (As long as we make some!)

Granted, we know surplus inventory isn’t “sexy” but it is important.  We decided we’d take the dry subject of “surplus inventory” and make it…. well, interesting and fun.
Our respective wives predicted that our venture wouldn’t work.
The pact was made… we decided to “show them” (Yes, we  said it.  We even heard ourselves say it….)  

However, we’ve just noticed that, OK… we may (and we say… MAY) have become victims of ingenious next level “arch enemy” levels of reverse psychology… hmmm….

We hope you have fun browsing our services and our “shop” (yes, we’re both old enough to remember a time when a shop wasn’t run by two “40 something” blokes holed up in a garden shed / man-cave / fort / den / panic room) and we’re barricaded in here for about 14 of every 24 hours so if you have any questions, we’ll respond as fast as we possibly can!

Happy browsing, and if there’s anything we can do for you, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or just know a good joke, please feel free to send us a message as good jokes are always needed.

Kind regards,
John & Mike

Falling With Style - Me Skydiving!

John Davies

Chief Inventory Whisperer

Proud Cumbrian living in Northern Ireland. Former logistics nerd professional addicted to product, service & experience design… oh, and… Nutella (in a Winnie-the-Pooh, “hand-in-the-jar” kind of way).

Lover of rock music.  Lover of country music and yes, fully convinced that I could “pull off” wearing a Stetson, no doubt.
My kids, they disagree.
Chief Bean Counter - thinks he's cool. Teenage daughter strongly disagrees.

Michael Halliday

Chief Bean Counter

Former (Northern Irish) “Pro” Footballer, motivational Speaker & Scientist!
Now Inventory Heroes process driven counter of beans harbouring  an odd obsession with “process maps” (Thanks for that, HMRC).

Wow, this bio reads like a dating profile!
Ooh, almost forgot… GSOH, own teeth and hair. Result.

Superman in Heroic stance thinking about heroic Brand Protection. And Nutella. Probably.

"Creating Value For All"

We appreciate this may seem like a lofty and aspirational mission but these six words inform, guide and influence everything we do.
They are the guiding principal of every decision we make* and how we run our company.

*(OK, maybe not our daily “fashion” decisions)

Our Values

Humanity: We'll donate at least 10% of our profit to charity. At least.


We’ll donate 10% of our annual profit to charity. Forever.

Integrity - We treat everyone with respect. We act with humility. We live it.


We treat absolutely everyone with respect. We act with humility.

Conservation: We're passionate about it. It's not all about money.


We love planet Earth and all the wonderful things we share it with.

Fun: We insist on it! Every day is very long without it. The same goes for biscuits.


We want absolutely everyone to enjoy interacting with us. Always.

Cookes. A necessary evil, just like biscuits and tea.

The cookies we use on this website are the (non-edible) digital kind (thankfully, because we can't even boil an egg cook!) Please see our privacy policy for more cookie based info. (But definitely no recipes. We promise.)

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RoI: 04895 595 007

Everywhere else, and proof the earth isn't flat. Maybe!

RoW: +44 2895 595 007

Sulking Superhero having a tantrum over a broken link or some other drama.

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