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What have we done?

Day 1. New Business:


We started today, excited to know that we were going to register our new company with Companies House.
Today was the day the dream was to begin – finally, yes finally, we were here and like countless thousands of other people during this year, we were going to start a business and world domination (via an assault on the issue of surplus inventory) was the goal.  (Ideally, without even taking our dressing gowns off.)  Why didn’t start this sooner?

Everything went smoothly thanks to the company registration geeks at Mint Formations who obviously love filling in forms, crossing t’s and dotting i’s. (We dread to think what they do for fun).  It couldn’t have been any easier, we paid our registration fee we waited with baited breath for the confirmation email to arrive…

Then…. BOOM. (Ok, “ping”)… the email arrives and through the wonders of modern technology, we are now company founders, directors and responsible for all sorts of stuff… having never left our respective couches (in different houses, in the same town, during lockdown).

“erm… we need a website.

Collectively we then thought, “bloody hell, what have we done?”

The realisation dawned on us that we are now responsible for this thing we have created, but more importantly, it’s no longer talking about it or the “we could do this” scenario.  We now had to get on and do it…

Oh, bloody hell.  What have we done?

Inevitably, the first question was…

“erm… we need a website.  Who do we get to build us a website when we’ve no money, and no copy?

As it happened. I had done what (I assume) many new founders do and took to the gig economy to try and source someone to build us a website. I found a husband and wife team who specialise in WooCommerce and not only that, they allowed us to pay them in instalments which for a brand new business, was just amazing. It’s something we’ll never forget.  It proved to us that there are people out there who (even in a time of next level uncertainty) can and will help you achieve your goals and most importantly, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Must remember that for when we are looking for clients, partners and service providers…

Watch this space!

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