Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Arabic Quick Reference Guide


Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Arabic Middle East / Arabic Language Quick Reference Guide. 

Edition / Part Number:

  • 4R12-405410-AA
  • 1R12-405410-AA

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Note: This is a genuine Aston Martin Heritage part and we have all the remaining copies in our warehouse.

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This quick reference guide is produced by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.
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Note: One of our old bosses still uses a Nokia 3310… 100’s of times a day in a busy transport office. Incredibly, 100% a true story.  You know who you are!

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A good example would be when England are going well in a World Cup campaign and the inevitable “World Cup Winners” merch is printed at the last 16 stage….. this (often quickly) becomes surplus stock!

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Returned Inventory:
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The explosion in returns from internet purchases recently would fit in this category.

Faulty Inventory:
Products that require grading, refurbishing and remarketing.

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These are typically fashion products that are “out of season”.
Note: we refuse to recognise fingerless gloves in this category because they are NEVER in season, because they’re ridiculous. #Just saying.

No, we sell any category of inventory.
However, we choose to specialise in heritage inventory because that’s where we can add the most value (for our clients & the environment) and also… we like to think we’re pretty good at it (even if we do say so ourselves!)

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