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You can Buy with confidence

With great retail, comes great responsibility.

We take this very seriously.
Everything we sell comes with a 30 day money back guarantee + manufacturer warranty (unless clearly stated)


No problem.

We automatically issue receipts / invoices detailing VAT as standard at the point of purchase so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Just as importantly, if you’re buying for a business… ask yourself if you have any surplus stock we can help you or your employer move… yep, we’re shameless!

That’s an easy one. Please contact us, and explain your issue to one of our crack team of nosey parkers.

They will personally look into every aspect of your order, our service, dispatch, the courier or delivery company performance and anywhere else their investigation takes them to work out what has gone wrong and how to put it right.  

They are empowered to do whatever it takes to create a favourable outcome where possible.

Deep breath….] We offer all the standard payment methods such as:

Popular Cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

Online Wallets

  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Credit Options (subject to acceptance):

  • Split Payments with Klarna
  • Paypal Credit

Payments we don’t accept:

  • Bartering
  • Livestock
  • Trade-In (Well, unless you have something really nice, that you’re prepared to massively under-value?)
  • Pocket Fluff (not even the exclusive fluff from designer jeans or billionaire’s belly buttons)

Absolutely. We’re so serious about it that we aren’t even going to joke about it.

Every company says they do, don’t they?  
That’s why we don’t bang on about it. 

Everyone else says it so much that it actually means nothing.

Talk is cheap. We let our actions do the talking.  Like Rambo. Or James Bond.

Ah, now… there’s a question.

OK, so it goes like this… every company has it’s favourite term for “excess inventory” and of course, we’re no different.  We prefer to call it “heritage inventory”.
This is our fancy and less incendiary term for “excess inventory” and as such it can encompass anything a company deems as one of the following:

Heritage or Legacy Inventory:
Inventory left over from older models or product lines released in the past that still either sell sparingly, are remembered with affection or held in high esteem. 
For example, parts for older or classic cars, a Spitfire engine or a Nokia 3310 mobile phone. That kind of stuff.
Note: One of our old bosses still uses a Nokia 3310… 100’s of times a day in a busy transport office. Incredibly, 100% a true story.  You know who you are!

Surplus Inventory:
Anything taking up space that you currently aren’t selling or actively marketing is our loose definition but I’m sure everyone has their own definition.
A good example would be when England are going well in a World Cup campaign and the inevitable “World Cup Winners” merch is printed at the last 16 stage….. this (often quickly) becomes surplus stock!

Excess Stock:

This is one of the most common terms and we think of it as left-over stock from a production run or an order has not sold out for whatever reason.

Overstock Inventory:
Inventory that has been bought or produced in bulk to a demand plan and the demand curve has now dropped – this is sometimes the stuff your Mum or Dad would tell you that if they kept it long enough… would “come back into fashion.”

End of Life or Discontinued Inventory:
Inventory that has reached the end of it’s life as a current all-star.  It could have been replaced with an upgrade or discontinued from production completely.  Just like our wise old grandparents used to say… “never say never” – our motto is “end of life is never end of life” – a new customer or new market can always be sourced.  That’s how heroes roll.  Let us show you.

Returned Inventory:
Anything returned that can’t now be sold as “New” – e.g. – Open Box Returns and that kind of stuff.
The explosion in returns from internet purchases recently would fit in this category.

Faulty Inventory:
Products that require grading, refurbishing and remarketing.

Refurbished Inventory:
Products that have been refurbished and now require remarketing.

Season + Inventory:
These are typically fashion products that are “out of season”.
Note: we refuse to recognise fingerless gloves in this category because they are NEVER in season, because they’re ridiculous. #Just saying.

All of our products are sourced from established supply chains and product manufacturers.

We don’t sell anything illegal, immoral, counterfeit, dodgy, “off the back of a lorry” or dangerous.

Talking of dodgy, we also don’t particularly like meat flavour crisps, they’re just…. well… wrong. Aren’t they?

Never say never.
(Sorry, we don’t mean to sound like the title of a Bond film!)

We certainly can wholesale – not on everything we stock as some of it is limited run or exclusive product.

But if you see something you like on our site, and you’d like to negotiate a price on a wholesale lot – we’d be happy to put on our lucky negotiating pants (they go on the outside of our trousers… naturally) and speak to you.

In a word… yes. Everyone loves a bargain. Even billionaires. We all know that.

In response to this basic human desire to get a good deal, we allow you to submit an offer on many of our products – we can’t guarantee we’ll accept it but it makes the whole process fun and you never know, you may even get a bargain!

So yes, you can haggle if the product page of the item you want has that facility but it will be a virtual haggle, (er…..vaggle?) if you will.

Reasons to Shop With us

Buying from us prevents landfill by recycling overstock through sales. Efficient or what?
You're helping us prevent landfill.
You're supporting charities when you buy from us. We'll donate 10% of our profit to charity. 👍
You're supporting charities
When you buy from us we plan trees in your honour (not in our garden, all over the place). To help the planet. It needs to benefit from our service too. #BCorp
You're helping us plant trees
Delivery is always included. In a lovely little van.
Delivery is included
We sell genuine products. Always. From established (sometimes unhappy) supply chains.
Genuine products. ALWAYS.

How the magic happens:

Brands signal the Inventory Heroes for help with excess stock.
1. The signal

Our clients identify surplus inventory & send up the signal for help.

At the sign of overstock for rescue, we don our underpants outside our trousers & grab our capes (we do need an excuse) to rescue the best stuff to sell to our lovely customers.
2. Heroes, assemble.

We put our underpants on (outside our trousers), starch our capes & rescue the rarest, bestest & most interesting stuff.

Champions trophy - everyone wins when using Inventory Heroes.

You shop, grab a bargain, mother nature celebrates. Everyone’s a winner.

Feel-Fab Finds...

Heroic manufacturers, retailers & wholesalers use Inventory Heroes to move high-quality secondary inventory so you can shop with a clean (and green) conscience. You’re welcome!

Inventory based companies destroy, bin or stick into storage, millions of returned & overstock products every year because they lack the processing capabilities or the desire to re-sell them. We know, we’ve seen it first hand and it shocked us too!

This is not only a pain in the backside for our environment, it’s also a burden on some consumers who don’t want this to be the case.

Most of the stuff that’s discarded is completely functional.
Unsustainable processes (and our throw-away culture) make it easier for many companies to simply throw this stuff away or to just forget about it until a later date…. and then throw it away! (Think about when you put that stuff in the attic 15 years ago and 15 years later you’re heading to the tip after saying “what ever did I keep that for” – but on an industrial level!)

We’re looking to change this by partnering with amazing manufacturers, wholesalers & retailers to enable them to offer these returned, surplus & overstock gems to our amazing customers.

Fundamentally, it’s a more heroic way to shop for stuff you can feel great about.

Our environmental credentials - products in a green shopping bag - it's all about feel-good shopping.

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